Thank you

Our gratitude transformed a common day into thanksgiving, turned little hearts into joy and amazement, changed their ordinary thinking into blessings! Thank you Samaritans Feet for your beautiful project, thank you for trusting us with the project!

Why shoes? “Positive connection, both physical and emotional makes an enormous impact on their lives. Spend time with them, washing and caring for their feet – connect with their hearts, encouraging their hopes and dreams, and reminding them that their lives matter.”



‘”Making memories in my heart”

Samaritans Feet is a South African NPO that forms part of an international humanitarian organization. Their core focus is serving impoverished children who don’t have shoes. Their approach is one of not merely giving shoes, but of giving hope. Because what these children hunger for more than anything else, is hope. Hope in knowing that they matter, that their dreams are important and that their future have great worth.